Royal and Select Masters

Royal and Select Masters

The Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of England, Wales and its Districts and Councils overseas was set up on 29th July 1873 under a Charter issued earlier by the Grand Council of New York, and is administered from Mark Mason’ Hall, London. Membership is open to all Mark Master Masons who are also Holy Royal Arch Masons, as the Order forms the link between these two Degrees. The regalia is a unique triangular Apron and a Breast Jewel. There are a total of four Degrees within the Order of Royal & Select Masters, sometimes known as the Cryptic Degrees.

The Degrees are as follows:

1. Select Master – This degree takes place in a secret vault beneath the Temple consisting of several arches into which the secrets were deposited and later discovered. It tells of a well known Mason employed by King Solomon who accidentally enters into the crypt where the three Grand Masters were meeting and illustrates the consequence of the intrusion.

2.  Royal Master – This degree is set just before the completion and dedication of the first Temple and deals with an inquisitive Fellow Craft seeking certain assurances from Hiram Abif as to when he may receive the secrets of a Master Mason. It shows how the secrets came to be deposited in the crypt. The reply to the Fellow Craft’s enquiry is said to be one of the most enthralling and personal pieces of ritual found in Freemasonry.

3.  Most Excellent Master – This degree deals with the completion of the first Temple and the celebration to mark it’s completion.

4.  Super-Excellent Master – The degree is based on the time of the temples imminent destruction by Nebuchadnezzar and the burial of the secrets under the rubble, and refers to the siege of Jerusalem.

The Solomonic Legend

974–967 BC preparation of materials and the start of building of the Temple – Mark

969–968 BC building progressing and construction of a secret vault – Select Master

968 BC death of HA – Royal Master (and Raising in Craft)

967 BC dedication of the temple – Most Excellent Master

586 BC destruction of Temple – the word is lost – Super-Excellent Master

534 BC recovery of the word – Royal Arch

Regalia consists of  a white triangular Apron bordered in crimson and a triangular jewel.

There are five Councils meeting within the area of the Masonic Province of East Kent.

The nearest for members of Loyal and True is the Kits Coty Council No 38, at Manor Rd. Chatham.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday in May, the second Monday in July and the first Thursday and October.

Contact Details

Name: Ray Hudson

Position: District Recorder

Telephone: 01322 551969 / 07972 612805

Email: Ray Hudson


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